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During my interview with Dave Rapoza people were asking about my Nostromo, so I figured I would post a little tutorial on how I configured mine. I actually cheated a little bit. The picture with the nostromo layout is actually what the control panel looks like on a PC. The control panel on a Mac is very plain and not very fun to look at. As you can see, it is a little hard to talk about how I assigned the buttons without actually showing you what it looks like. The way my hands rests on the Nostromo I have my little finger resting on the button that is assigned to the space bar (the move tool in Photoshop), my ring finger is on undo, middle finger on redo, and index finger on option (alt on PCs which is the eyedropper tool), and my thumb is on the d-pad, which increases/decreases my brush size.

With this layout I can do almost everything without having to move my hand at all. If I need to change to the eraser or brush I can just move my index finger down to the next row of buttons. If I move my little finger down it will save my file. Moving my index finger straight down to the last row flips my image horizontally. It takes a little while to get used to the layout if you have never used a Nostromo before, but I think it is definitely worth it, especially since I don’t really like the layout of the Intuos 4 buttons. I hope that helps!

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  1. Daarken, that is totally sick! What a great use for something that, even if I had heard of it before, would have dismissed as “video-gamers” gear. Personally, I have no time for video games …

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